– is an early stage investment company backing deep technology ventures crossing the chasm. We are almost 50 business angels who have pooled our time, international networks, experience and money together in order to help promising teams and ventures to grow to their global potential. We are a business angel driven venture- finance- and competence group – that invest in advanced technology and future fast-growing companies that will create new industries and make a difference in the world.

STOAF’s focus is on finding, funding and accelerating the growth of innovative B2B and deep technology companies in Life Science, Industrial Technology and Software. We seek innovative ideas backed by talented teams. We are typically a startups first institutional investor, and our sweet spot is pre-seed and seed investments.

We also aim to syndicate with other investors in early stage. Our investors love to co-invest with the fund, and we all love to syndicate our investments with other early stage investors and business angels who can bring valuable perspectives and networks to the founding teams.

As member of the Swedish Venture Capital Association, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciencies (IVA) Business Executive Council, and registered with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) since October 2014, we take our early stage investment growth focus seriously.

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