We believe in continued education and offer a basic theme based program to all our Partners. We learn by doing together in a team environment. All partners are using their own experience backing the portfolio ventures. We invest to build and support our 10-30x exits strategy. Moving forward and building our third fund STOAF Sci-Tech fund III.

Stoaf Continued Education, Case Training and Examination on Stoaf´s Unique Best Practise Know-How

Stoaf offers continued learning to all new and old Partners via education, training, examination and open seminars. Two knowledge areas are focused. One, called Best Practice Venture Capital (BPVC) methods is about sourcing, selecting, assessing and investing in new early stage ventures. Another is on Venture Management after financing.

The next session starts August 21, 2017, kl. 15-18 at the Stockholm Nybrogatan 34 office.

1. Best Practise Venture Capital – Base level education in venture selection and financing. The first theme is on Best Practices in the pre-selection and selection stages of deal proposals. It shows how to select with accuracy a few attractive ventures from a very large no. of deal proposals. The second theme is on (economic) Due Diligence or on business case analysis for startups. The third theme focuses on investment case analysis and the fourth on portfolio risk and risk diversification. Documentation: Part 1 of Ohlsson, forthcoming in 2017.

2. Business Case Analysis offers deepened know-how in DD of business case analysis with a possibility to examine for a Diploma as a Certified Business Angel (CBA). Documentation: Four chapters in Part II of Ohlsson 2017.
3. Investment Case Analysis offers know-how on probability assessment, valuation, financial design and contracting. After examination, participants may become Certified Investment Managers (CIM). Documentation: Four chapters in Part III of Ohlsson 2017.
4. Venture Management education is offered internally at Stoaf as a continuing Working Group seminar. Externally, it may be offered as a Customised On- Demand course by an appropriate selection of Stoaf’s available GPs, IMs and CBAs.

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Email your questions and/or interest to participate at next education event to Anette Nordvall

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On several occasions we open up for outside interests. We have several angel groups that we share our investments strategy with. Please email Jonas Dieden for more information on how to.

Best Practises Venture Capital – foundation to our investment model

One of our founders Lennart Ohlsson have written 15 books regarding Best Practices Venture Capital strategy and how to apply it in Sweden the best way. We apply our deep knowledge to achieve our goals 10-30x investment strategy with int 5-7 years.

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Get your copy of one of Lennart Ohlssons books.

CBA – Certified Business Angel

To secure and agree on Due-diligence best practice we arrange certification process among our Partners. This is for quality assurance and continued growth.