Stoaf Start II

We started to raise funds and active partners to START II late 2012 and early 2013. We activated this fund March 2013. We will invest in around 15 early stage med-tech and technology companies and most likely do more than 50 investments total until this fund closes during 2017. Before you apply to funds please review som of our investment criteria and fill out the simple form we have here.


Our geographic area is limited to Stockholm within an area that can be reached by car within two hours. We want to find and work with projects that allow for low search and transaction costs for when our partners start actively investing their expertise. Normally, we want ventures seeking investment to be assessed in depth by one or more of our Competence Partners and even minor expertise needs in our investments have our financial expertise be applied.

When we invest for the first time in a venture, it is not unusual for us to do so with a limited amount of capital, since the information about a start-up is often qualitative and the possibilities for assessing the quality of the entrepreneurial team often comes after some time working together in the development of the start-up. Our entry is is careful, but can be accompanied by some partners investing alongside STOAF. Otherwise will this partner syndication occur in the second or third investment rounds.

STOAF can from this financing model reject young ventures solely because they are too capital-intensive during its first year after STOAF’s entry. Our experience, however, is that entrepreneurs not uncommonly exaggerate both their need for capital early on and the value of their venture. These contradicting choices are modified by STOAF’s expertise so both the founder and financiers can form a mutually agreeable contract.

We have a mammoth influx of young ventures seeking capital. This means that we have designed our objective review in several steps, the first steps built on short and precise information from the founders. We therefore ask that you send in two or three pages of text for an initial assessment. This text will help us find those ventures we think have considerable potential. It is this reduced number of ventures that we more thoroughly assess and it is during this that both accounts and supplements of informative material is needed.

START II Portfolio


Imagimob is leading the way in real time artificial intelligence (AI) on the edge.
It’s AI software runs on small, low cost and low power hardware devices, enabling real time actionable insights on small devices.  Benefits for customers are improved safety, efficiency and user experience in products and services.  Imagimob has customers in a number of segments, including automotive, industry and lifestyle.