Why become partner with STOAF?

To invest in start-ups and market entry ventures means taking a substantial risk. Assessing the risk level and if the potential upside of an investment can compensate for the risks requires considerable experience, intuition, and knowledge and it can be difficult for the individual angel investor to invest while a venture is undervalued. We have therefore built our business model on the idea that every partner is able to take advantage of the significant inflow of objects, qualified knowledge, and lengthy experience in early stage investments as well as the not insignificant experience of looking after investments from an owners perspective. We are a qualified venture financing company operated by angel investors that encourages its partners to privately invest in ventures alongside the company’s investments.

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Become partner

If you already consider investing in syndicates amongst likeminded investors we believe that STOAF is something for you. We have a generous dela flow with over 500 ventures per year. We do 3-5 new investments per year. During one year we can make a total of 10-15 total; including options and issues. 

During 2016 we are focusing on quality assurance and are updating and reviewing our investment due diligence procedures and interview processes.  All qualified partners that participating in the process will be issued a CBA – Certified Business Angel certificate as a stamp of process understanding.

Please contact us via info@stoaf.se to start the process and meet members and a General Partner to introduce you more thoroughly to out investment concept and philosophy.

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Equity partners

As Equity partner you agree to a four year equity infusion plan. The agreements to join are the same however as Equity partner you do not commit to work actively with the ventures nor adding time to our filtration progress, handling deal flow or adding time for investment due diligence. As Equity partner you are given access to participate at all the formal meetings held for filtration routines and quarterly business meetings including education course and other curriculum activities. 

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Stoaf Associates

We have started STOAF Associates, for the broader group that share our interest in investing in companies at an early phase. The network has close connection with STOAF and the partners. The purpose is to create a hang around network that want to syndicate along side current investments and are risk willing to create its own early stage investment portfolio.

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Meet our partners

We are a proud group of individual investors that likes to participate in early stage agnel investing. We understand risk and learn at the same time to plan and manage a portfolio in an constant learning environment. We share knowledge and experience with each other and to help grow and support our investments. Som of us you already met and we hope you se the same benefits as we do. If you don’t think a full partnership is your thing. Check all out our Associates program as an option

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