When and How to become a partner?

We welcome new partners to invest in the investments company Start 2. We are looking for active partners, Competence Partners, that can invest both competence and capital to look after Start 2 as well as passive partners, Equity Partners, that will solely invest capital. Through our internet-based education and training cases can both Competence and Equity Partners become better at risk assessment and with STOAF’s portfolio as a base individually find a risk level and risk profile that you feel comfortable with.

How do I become a partner

After contacting us via our info email address interested investors will be able to meet two of the company’s General Partners. They will then give an overview of the company and terms for investment. Since STOAF has a number of Competence Partners in various areas of investment already while seeking to expand in others, it’s not guaranteed that everyone will be accepted in this capacity. However, investors can still become Equity Partners. With 3 to 5 year contracts and varying engagement in other companies, openings can always occur if, for example, a Competence Partner reduce his or her workload or moves to become a Equity Partner instead. After the meeting with the General Partners, interested Competence and Equity Partners are given the Investment Memorandum for Start 2 along with Investment and Stockholder Contracts. New partners will be given a chance to participate in four thematic seminars and training courses in our Investment Committee. This is an opportunity for Equity Partners, but is a requirement for new Competence Partners so as to quickly get them operating in the company with a reasonable knowledge of the terms and methods used by STOAF.

CBA – Certification of Business Angels

As a Competence partner you are involved in all filtration stages and Venture review process (OU). Filtered ventures are reviewed in the Investment Committee. Decisions are done by seven Committee members once a month.  To become an active board member you commit and participate in our internal training and venture due-diligence process. During 2016 we are quality assuring our Due-diligence quality by certifying our partners. We believe that our quality assurance secures continued due-diligence material for our funds and future collaborations.