Equity partners

We welcome interested investors to become Equity Partners, that don’t share the requirement for active input of expertise. We prefer investors that are willing to invest more than the minimum that Competence Partners sign and encourage investments on the side with Start 2 as the focus. We have to this end developed a syndication model that can be tailored to individual needs.

How to become a Equity partner

Interested investors will be able to meet two of the company’s General Partners. They will then give an overview of the company and terms for investment. As a Equity Partners you are extended with a four year contracts and limited engagement. After the meeting with the General Partners, interested Partners are given the Investment Memorandum for Start 2 along with Investment and Stockholder Contracts.

Continued education

New partners will be given a chance to participate in four thematic seminars and training courses in our Investment Committee. This is an opportunity for Equity Partners, but is a requirement for new Competence Partners so as to quickly get them operating in the company with a reasonable knowledge of the terms and methods used by STOAF.