STOAF Associates

STOAF (Stockholms Business Angels) is one of Swedens oldest and most experienced networks for active business angels, a unique business angel-operated venture-finance and competence organization. We have close to 50 active partners in the current investment fund (Start II) that actively provide their capital and experience.

We are now creating an exclusive network, STOAF Associates, for a broader group that share our interest in investing in companies at an early phase. The network will have a close connection with STOAF and the members will be chosen to create a strong and competent group.

As a member you will receive:

  • Offers to invest in companies at an early stage that have qualified according to STOAF’s established and proven model that are presented in a number of company analyses per year and via invitations to company presentations.
  • An invitation to at least one experience meeting per quarter where you will be given presentations on how you can become successful as an investor, Case studies, and short company presentations.
  • Access to STOAF’s network and partners with a combined 200 years experience of investing in startups.
  • The opportunity to participate in STOAF Associates trips, next to Silicon Valley in mid-September 2016 (week 37) — the preliminary program will be presented on the April 12th meeting.

Some background about STOAF

STOAF was started in 2008 and has a yearly influx of upp to 500 start-up companies, of which we invest in 3-5 per year. The goal is to find those that have potential to hit a home run, that is 10x the capital in 5 to 7 years. Our main focus is companies that create technical innovations, especially within IT and MedTech. Chosen companies provide their market with something unique and have a scaleable business model. We work with a thoroughly tested methodology in a proven process of best practice development through which we select companies. Internal exchange of experience, education, and feedback is a natural part of STOAF and occurs continuously.

STOAF’s partners have a particularly broad competence and experience. Many have invested in startups over a long time, others have experience from business, and many have a proven experience as entrepreneurs. We complement each other in regards to education,experience, and personal characteristics and are diverse in regards to age, background, and gender.


Please contact Eva, Fredrik or Anette for more information.